DB4K - Lily

Size Guide

Congratulations to Lily who designed this db4k Design Duel winning style! We love the fun, irreverent pattern she created to create a truly standout style! 

Key Features:
made from acetate for a great feel and durability
2-year warranty on breakage and deformation
fun style
Tech Specs:
eye size: 46
bridge size: 15
temple length: 130
hinge type: custom 3-barrel spring hinge
screw type: stainless steel
Face Shape Guide
Square face
Round face
Oval face
Heart face

A square face has defined angles and balanced lines along the forehead, chin and cheeks. An oval or round frame will complement these strong features and soften them. 

The width and height of a round face will be roughly similar. In order to elongate and play down the fullness of the cheeks, select a frame with strong angles and straight lines. 

An oval face is defined by higher cheekbones and a chin that is narrower than the forehead. Frames that sweep upward complement the cheekbones and slim down the jawline. 

A heart-shaped face has a long, pointed jawline, with the chin being the smallest feature. Over-sized frames complement this shape and balance out the forehead and narrow chin. 

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