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Blue Light Glasses - Plano (No Rx)

Yellow Jacket/Black (54 16 140)
Purple (47 16 130)
Teal (48 16 130)
Light/Dark Purple (53 16 140)
Deep Purple (54 16 135)
Red/Clear (50 17 140)
Tortoise (54 17 140)
Black/Green (52 15 140)
Round Metal (51 19 140)
Black (52 16 135)

Plano - Blue Light Glasses Package (Frame and Lenses).

This is a way to get all the protection, without the prescription! Our blue light glasses package includes the frame and lenses that have an anti-reflective coating and the blue light blocking lens enhancement! Blue light blocking glasses filter out harmful blue light that is emitted from your electronic devices such as phones, computers and tablets.

This package carries a 1 year limited warranty on the lenses. We will replace your lenses once for free should they scratch and/or crack.

These glasses are perfect for those who do not have a prescription, or for contact lens wearers who are looking to block blue light from their devices

See how blue light can affect your eyes and health

* the frame size is next to the color listing.