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Tradewinds offers many different frame lines that can speak to everyone.  From classic aviator to eclectic cat eye's. From Classic rounds in both metal and acetate to square large and small. Tradewinds carries frames sizes for women, men and children.  Our Optician and Fashion Consultant ensures that your prescription will fit appropriately in your frame and that you will  look your best!  As always, Tradewinds stands by its fair and reasonable pricing policy.

Glasses Inspection & Prescription Verification

Online glasses are becoming more and more popular and for good reason, it is quick and easy.  However, one-third of all online glasses purchases have the wrong prescription in one of the lenses.  It happens all the time. We are happy to verify your lenses and inspect the grooves and bezel to ensure your lens will not fall out.  Super important.  Many times, the online company will reimburse for this service.  Take advantage of it!  Come see us!

Glasses Repair

Do you take off your glasses like an animal like we do?  Well they will eventually need some maintenance performed on them.  Is make-up caked into your nose pads causing skin irritation?  We’ve all seen it before.  Items like nose pads, temple screws, lens wire, lens bushings, etc are meant to be replaced and can be performed by your local eye care practice.  If we can’t to it, we will send it to our amazing lab to be performed.  There is nothing worse than having a loose temple flop around on you all day.  Come see us and let those glasses have a new beginning!

Glasses on their last leg