Now, this is all about a story about how my life got twisted and turned upside down...wait...wrong story!  The Tradewinds Eye Care story started in 2013 and moved into an amazing space a few years ago, but most of all we are fun!  We are your local eye doctor and optical boutique located right next door to Cornelius, NC.  Established in 2013, we had a desire to provide the best eye health care to our patients through compassion, while utilizing the latest technology for fast and efficient care.  Our guarantee to you: is that we strive to provide a high-level of eye health care to you and your family, deliver superb quality in glasses, and offer concierge-care at a fair and reasonable price!

Our Office

It is our mission to provide excellent service to all of our patients in the Huntersville area.  We do this by placing a priority on you. How you ask?  First, we prepare your chart with vital information and insurance authorizations prior to your arrival.  Dr. Hatfield enjoys spending time with her patients and ensures every single patient has plenty of time to discuss any eye health questions at length and its not rushed.  Next, we have a talented staff to ensure your spectacles fit your lifestyle and also make you look amazing.  We following up with you during the entire process for your glasses and contact lenses, offering tracking numbers and status updates.  Every morning, we meet to review current spectacle orders to ensure their proper progress.  Lastly, when they are delivered to us, we double check them for accuracy, polish, and align for your arrival to try on your new pair of glasses.   

Consider Tradewinds being your one-stop shop for eye health care: eye examscontact lens fittingspediatric care, and medical visits all fall under our expertise.  Our state-of-the-art facility is able to diagnose, treat, and manage eye conditions, including glaucomamacular degenerationcataracts, and diabetic eye health.  We take the additional time to coordinate with your primary care doctor to provide your results because we practice integrative health care.


As you can see, we value your time and ensure you maximize your time with us. Whether that is for 20 minutes or 2 hours. Yes! We throw VIP parties that wow! That aside, we keep you informed about where in the process your glasses and contacts are. We pride ourselves on being on-time, so when you arrive for your, lets say, 1:30pm appointment, we see you at your 1:30pm appointment.  No more wasting time waiting around.  We do this because we do not put patients back to back every 15 minutes and allow plenty of time for you to discuss your eye issues, or just life, with the doctor. The last young lady that had to wait, due to emergency eye visit by child being hit in the eye with a branch, received a Starbucks coffee on us and had an additional 10 minutes to check insta (speaking of.. check out our insta).  See..we take our promptness seriously because we take your time seriously.



Makes Getting An Eye Exam a BREEZE!

How Aging Affects The Eyes

How Aging Affects The Eyes

Getting older isn’t always fun, but as my dad always says, it’s better than the alternative! Unfortunately, there are some downsides to becoming more...mature. Wrinkles, fine lines, limited mobility, acid reflux, arthritis, and, last but not least, impaired vision.

10 Signs of Bad Eye Health

10 Signs of Bad Eye Health

Declining eye health is all fun and games until you find yourself mistakenly feeding a trash panda raccoon thinking it’s the family dog, so listen up! Eyesight doesn’t (usually) deteriorate overnight, so it’s important to regularly visit the eye doctor for annual eye examination...

Blue Light: A Deep Dive

Blue Light: A Deep Dive

Blue light has become a big buzzword all throughout the industry and we’re seeing a huge uptick in patients coming in specifically asking for blue light protection.  See how blue light affects your eyes daily..

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day "Eye-deas"

Ah, the first Valentine’s Day during Covid times. Nothing says love like a face mask, a gallon of hand sanitizer, and social distancing!

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