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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

What Is A Contact Lens Fitting?

A contact lens fitting is the assessment of your eye, fitting of the proper contact lens using trial contacts, and the confirmation that the lens sits appropriately on your eye.

The Optometrist will confirm the general health of your cornea and your tear film.  Since a contact lens is a medical device, it is important to make sure it fits to your eye properly.  The eye doctor does this in a three different ways.  First, the Optometrist measures the corneal curvature of the eye to determine your suitability for contact lens wear. Next, the doctor will discuss your lifestyle and your visual requirements regarding your leisure activities, work needs, and general lifestyle to determine which lenses will serve you best. Finally, the eye doctor will discuss with you the various options of contact lenses based on your needs and will prescribe a particular brand, size and modality for you.  

After determining the brand of contact, sizing and modality, the contact lenses are placed onto your eyes and the fit and visual acuity will be assessed.  If the visual acuity is less than expected, an alternate lens may be required.  The Optometrist will spend approximately 20 minutes discussing hygiene, wearing time, insertion/removal, and all things necessary to safely and comfortably enjoy your new lenses. This will include instructions on how to properly clean and care for your lenses.  Check out our blog article on How to Care for Your Contact Lenses: A Guide.

At this point a follow up visit will be scheduled to ensure over the next 3-5 days your contact lenses worked for you as expected and did not cause any adverse effects.

At Tradewinds, we work with you to prescribe a lens that works for your lifestyle and provides optimal vision, comfort, and ocular health. Tried contact lenses before and could not wear them?  Had to stop wearing contacts when you needed reading glasses? Maybe you have a medical condition such as severe dry eye or keratoconus, which make getting the perfect fit difficult. A successful contact lens fitting can sometimes be a process, requiring multiple visits and lens trials, but we will work with you to find a solution.


We specialize in soft contact lenses, rigid gas permeable or “hard” lenses, multi-focal (for distance and reading prescriptions), and high toric (for astigmatism) fits. Let us work with you in our relaxed environment to get your contact lenses right! Below is chart detailing more information about each type of contact lens. 


Having problems with your contacts? We will check for signs of eye damage caused by contact lenses. Your contact lenses can actually cause problems with your cornea and overall eye health if you have been misusing or overwearing the lenses. These problems may only cause irritation or annoying symptoms in the beginning but can quickly develop in something much more serious such as severe pain or vision loss. Schedule an appointment with us if you’re experiencing any discomfort!


Never tried contacts before and not sure how to put them in?  Watch this video—and remember, we’ll help you through the process when you come in for your fitting! We allow plenty of time for training you with your new lenses. You will never feel rushed to overcome any anxiety you might feel and we will help you through the learning curve.

Whether you live in Davidson or a nearby area like Cornelius, Huntersville, Mooresville or even Charlotte, our caring team is ready to help you improve your eye health and quality of life. Get started with a contact lens fitting at our office!