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May 22, 2019

One of the most fun aspects of our job here at the practice is selecting the frame lines that we are going to carry in store and really getting to know each collection and what makes them special. We have so many great lines with great stories behind each, but morning after morning, I always gravitate toward my SALT. frames when I select my glasses for the day. As a borderline glasses hoarder, I have a crazy number to choose from. So, it got me thinking: Why do I always grab my SALT.?


I wear the Tiffany in Burgundy and they are so comfortable on my face. They are like the most comfortable pair of jeans in the closet that go with everything. SALT. is an eyewear company that was founded in 2006 in coastal California. It is dedicated to producing premium eyewear in the most classic shapes and styles with unique colors that are inspired by nature, the iconic eras of film, music, architecture, and art. Their style embodies the casual elegance of the west coast lifestyle.


Let’s talk about the quality. They are made with cotton-based acetate, not petroleum-based plastics cut from a mold in a factory. You can literally feel the difference in the finishing. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want petroleum-based plastics near my face or my kids’ face, and frankly, that is what you are getting with the majority of brand-name eye wear out there. Because of the amount of cotton mixed with the acetate during the manufacturing process, SALT. frames hold their shape and adjustment better than any other frames on the market (in my opinion). You willa never see these frames bow out from the temples, leading to a loosened and annoying fit over the bridge of the nose. Again, just like that perfect pair of jeans that time and wear have molded into the most comfortable ones you own.


SALT. frames are made in family-owned, third-generation factories in Japan. They are extremely proud of their craft, and it shows in their work. Akin to the high quality of watches the Swiss are known for, the Japanese are known for their handmade eyeglass. The company believes that eyewear should not just look good, but fit well too! They are invested in the entire process, from inspiration to material selection and construction. Durability is of utmost importance, as their products are designed to complement a “life well lived.”

I love the independent spirit of the brand. It’s an American company based out of California. The designers name the frames after their own friends―how cool is that? Tiffany, Brant, Kelly, Jane. As a small, family-owned practice ourselves, I love supporting their line, as their business model strongly aligns with our own. They believe in high-quality goods provided with the best in customer service at a fair and reasonable price.

Visit our wide selection at our office in Davidson, NC or visit our SALT. online store to see our inventory. 

We love SALT.!