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January 19, 2020

In the Name of Skin

Written by Makeup Extraordinaire: Sarah Sticco 

So you spent hours shopping for the perfect outfit that will definitely get you noticed by that guy you like at the bar you go to every Saturday night once you get done with pilates at the local gym uptown. Let me tell you, the pilates kicks your you-know-what but you’re lookin’ HOT in that spandex, girl! Not only do you have the best outfit, but you’ve also spent a lot of time at the cosmetics counter making sure you get the hottest products on the market right now. Your makeup collection consists of all the best brands, and you already know how to apply them correctly. Nobody likes a crooked winged liner or looking like you belong at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, am I right? 

Have you ever become frustrated by the end of the night whenever your sitting at the bar, in your spandex, with that guy that you liked.. and the makeup that you thought was applied perfectly is now halfway to hell and basically looks like you have zero skills? Yeah.. I know...exactly what I’m talking about.

-> The sweaty eyelids, the cake face, the oils coming straight through that perfectly laid foundation and now your nose has separated more than your parents did when they divorced back in the early 90’s. Luckily for you I have the secret to your success, the cosmetic cocktail, the answer to all of our makeup madness. <- 

Are you ready? Two words. Healthy skin. That’s right, the key to having your makeup look flawless and last all night long is having a healthy, glowing complexion underneath. Think of it this way, would you wax your car after you just drove it through a mud pit? Or would you wait until you washed and detailed it to ensure the wax job looked it’s best? Point taken! Your skin doesn’t have to be supermodel status ladies, we’re just saying that you should take care of your skin. It is the largest organ in your body ya know. Why not nourish it on the reg?

Steps in skin care. Okay, sure. So you’re the type of girl that just washes her face and rubs some lotion on and rushes out the door. That’s okay, but we want to introduce you to some in-depth S K I N C A R E. The type of skin care that will leave your skin feeling plump, subtle and best of all, younger! Since that’s always the goal, right? For those of you that need some direction, no fear! We have a step-by-step beauty guide for you listed below for your new daytime routine :)

Step One: Cleanser - use a cleanser designed for your specific skin type

Step Two: Toner - Toner’s are used to help return the skins pH after it becomes too basic from harsh soaps

Step Three: Antioxidant Serum - Serums are super-concentrated, nutrient dense treatments that address specific concerns. An antioxidant serum provides a variety of benefits from blunting your skin’s inflammatory response to neutralizing damage from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Step Four:Eye Cream - Regular use of an eye cream can help keep the eyelid skin elastic, which can prevent against fine lines and collagen loss.

Step Five: Spot Treatment - If you suffer from acne, a spot treatment will be your best friend! Find the right formula for your skin type if you have acne-prone skin and apply only one the spots where you need it!

Step Six: A Moisturizer - It’s best to apply a moisturizer when your skin is still damp to lock in moisturize and hydration.

Step Seven:Sunscreen - Yes, sunscreen. This is a beauty hack. Using a sunscreen with zinc is safe, effective and provides protection against those harmful UV rays that we were talking about earlier. DUH you want glowing skin, not burnt skin! ;)

So now that you have your kick ass daytime routine, you are ready for the day, feeling fabulous and looking fresh! With a prepped base your makeup will glide on with ease and will stay all day. Who knew? Stay tuned for more beauty blogs and fun tips and tricks to make your makeup last longer and you look, well.. better! We have your backs, I mean faces’ ladies!