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July 11, 2019

So you’re done with your eye exam and your Doctor introduces you to her Optician. You are completely overwhelmed by the rows and rows of frames! The crazy hot pink cat eyes, the dark black round frames, the HUGE tortoise colored square frames and every frame shape and color in between. Don’t fret though because we have your back! No need to get the sweats and panic on us. We know all the tips and tricks to selecting your next perfect pairs!

 Oval Face ShapeSquare Face ShapeRound Face ShapeTriangle Face Shape

What Looks Good on My Face Shape?

You want to look 15 pounds lighter and 10 years younger with your new specs..duh! You’re like a snowflake. Special! So why wouldn’t your new glasses be unique and better suited for certain face shapes? Lets compare the various face shapes and figure out which is your shape!


Oval face shapes are typically very balanced and proportionate. The forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are equal in width. Since this shape is naturally balanced this is easy to find a frame because almost any pair glasses look awesome on you! We suggest a bold shape to maintain balance. Upswept corners are your new BFF because they emphasize cheekbones and make the look more contoured. Everyone loves their contour to be on fleek! The SALT Kiani is a great shape for oval faces. It is moving away from thick and chunky and into a softer and thinner profiles with a classic style. It has a tiny upsweep which will draw attention to your eyes while still creating symmetry and portion.

Salt Optics Oval Face ShapeSALT Optics Kiani Oval Face Shape


 Square faces are usually defined by a strong jawline and wider forehead with very angular cheekbones. Square faces usually have equal length and width. The say opposites attract and this is true when it comes to your glasses. In order to soften the angles of your face, look for frames with feminine angles. Rounds, ovals, and even a cat-eyes should be your go-to styles! So go ahead, be sassy and wear that cat-eye that everyone envies! Shwood makes the perfect on trend frame for you. It is feminine with a subtle lift upwards with gold accents and a clear color that is suitable for every occasion.


Shwood Melrose Square Face ShapeShwood Melrose Square Face Shape


Round face shapes lack angular definition and are very similar to square faces in that the width and length are similar in size. If you have a round face, rectangles and subtle angles will create more definition for you. Frames that have more color or detail near your brow will elongate your face too! It is all about them angles baby. ;) Lets put you in something a little oversized and girly to give you all the angles! The Silhouette Dynamics Colorwave Accent Ring is perfect for you! It is a soft angular frame that is dainty and the minimal bridge will also make your eyes appear larger, you flirty thing you!

Silhouette Accent Round Face Shapes     Silhouette Accents Round Face Shapes


Rectangular faces are very similar to square shaped faces because they are defined with a strong jawline. Usually rectangular faces are longer than they are wide though. This shape is complimented best by circular or larger rectangular frames. The bigger the better, right? Find an oversized round or rectangular frame to help balance out your features. SALT’s Anne Marie is the perfect rectangle shape that will bring your face balance and harmony. Keeping the angles simple and classic will proportion out your glasses and face. We are all about that Feng Shui!  

SALT Optics Rectangle Face Shape  SALT Optics Rectangle Face Shape


Heart shaped faces are described as wider at the forehead and gradually getting smaller in width towards the chin. You’re going to look awesome in circular or rectangular glasses. Stick with the classic shapes! The classic wayfarers shapes are ideal for you because they are wider at the top than at the bottom or check out a round frame to create the illusion of a petite fitting frame.  Lets look at the SALT Jackie. This is about as timeless and classic as they come. This frame is perfect for you because it is a little more defined at the top but the round corners will soften and accentuate the more narrow parts of your face.

SALT Optics Jackie Heart Face Shape  SALT Optics Jackie Heart Shape Face Shape

Let's Party!

We know.. we gave you a lot of information. It’s okay girl! This is the fun part of glasses though! Stop by our office anytime for your next personal fitting. Sit back, relax, and have fun. We promise that you will love your new look and enjoy your session with us. Let us help you find the best frames that all your friends will be super jelly over. Oh, and one more thing. Don’t forget to tell them that your girls at Tradewinds Eye Care hooked you up. We will see you soon!

Tradewinds Eye Care & Optical for Your Frames

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