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August 08, 2019

Cosmetics and Your Eyes 

(also see In The Name of Skin)

In the world of cosmetics, eye shadow palettes reign supreme. This is most evident when you walk down the aisles of your favorite cosmetic store and are surrounded by a sea of color options from every makeup line you could imagine. For many of us, this can be incredibly overwhelming and we leave the store with our arms covered in a rainbow of color swatches and the same safe options remaining in our shopping bags. Thankfully, we have you covered with some simple tips to help you choose the best shades for your eye color!

makeup for your eyes

There is no doubt that brown eyes are the most common eye color found throughout the world, but there are a multitude of ways that we can enhance them to stand out. Deep tones like a dark plum, a rich violet or navy blue make dark eyes pop. For a bold look that will surely pierce through any selfie, you can pack on the color and smoke out the lines. You can also blend these colors into the outer corner of your eyelid or use them as a subtle pop of color in your liner to liven up your go-to office look. Incorporating glimmery golds to accent your inner-corners and eyelid will also pull through any honey tones and add dimension to your dark eyes. The Bling Boss Vault by Jaclyn Hill and the Morphe 35P Palette are both full of vivid tones that any brown-eyed girl will love.

 eyeshadow for your eyes

The color blue is synonymous with some of the most beautiful sights in nature. Just as sandy beaches contrast perfectly against the crystal waves of the ocean, looks using neutral tones enhance the features of blue eyes. Because lighter eyes are striking enough in their own right, incorporating softer hues will go a long way. Warm beiges, soft taupes and shimmery bronze colors perfectly frame lighter eyes for a daily look and avoid the harshness of deeper hues. Adding a chocolate tone to the outer creases of your eye will elevate your look for a formal event or a night on the town! Intensify those baby blues with the Morphe Bronzed Mocha palette and Naked2 by Urban Decay.

 eyeshadow for all skin tones

Not only are green eyes unique, they are also a versatile tone to work with when it comes to makeup. On the color wheel, selections that are directly opposite of each other are the tones that are most complimentary. This is why true green eyes are best accentuated by the same red undertones you would find in your favorite glass of wine. These rich burgundies, vivid maroons and subtle rose shades intensify emerald-colored eyes perfectly. Golden green eyes can be beautifully showcased by incorporating a champagne shimmer. These hues can be added as an accent color in your weekly routine and deepened with a dark eyeliner to take you into your next date night. We love the Naked Cherry palette by Urban Decay and the Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Extended Palette!

eyeshadow kylie cosmetics

How you apply your makeup plays a major factor in creating a look that showcases the eyes as your stand-out feature, no matter what color they are. Always start by contouring the crease of your eye using a transitional shade or your favorite bronzer before packing on the pigment. This technique helps to blend deeper tones with your natural skin color, as well as giving depth to your look. Implementing contrasting colors of eyeliner can also be used to change up your looks. Using a black liquid liner pen to create a wing that extends upward slightly past the natural lid line will draw your eyes up, while adding a nude-toned liner to your lower lash line will brighten and create the illusion of wider eyes. Every look is perfectly finished by curling your eyelashes upward with an eyelash curler and applying at least two coats of black mascara to frame your eyes perfectly.

 eyeliner for all skin tones

To avoid irritation and infections that certainly make your eyes stand out for all the wrong reasons, it’s very important to remember that all eye makeup should be removed before going to bed. We recommend the We Love Eyes product line to all of our makeup-loving patients here at Tradewinds Eye Care. This organic cleansing line was developed by an optometrist and is vegan, cruelty-free and entirely natural.

 safe organic eye makeup remover

While there are so many ways to branch out and be more daring in terms of applicating your eyeshadow, knowing what is flattering is the first step in using makeup as a tool to play up your best features. The next time you decide to brave the cosmetic counter, use your new-found color expertise to narrow down the best palette for you.